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Frequently Asked Questions

General Information

What is SmartLocker?

Where is my nearest SmartLocker?

How do I track my parcel?

Can I put two or more parcels in the same locker compartment?

Do you have a weight limit?

Delivery to Locker

How will I know when my parcel is ready to collect?

I have made two separate orders for collection at a locker. Will both parcels be in the same locker compartment?

When at the locker, how do I get my parcel?

I ran out of time to collect my parcel. What do I do next?

I received two collection codes for the same order. What do I do?

What does safe storage mean?

What does peer to peer mean?

What does locker to locker delivery means?

What does locker to doorstep mean?

What does door step to locker mean?

What does door step delivery mean?

Sending a Parcel

My parcel has not left the locker?

How do I use a SmartParcel locker to send a parcel?

What sort of items can I send using a SmartParcel locker?

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